10 weeks ago, I started on a journey toward better health. To eat better, to improve my fitness and to overall improve my health. I started with all the enthusiasm that is expected when anyone does these things. Over the following weeks, I ate well, exercised, tried many things and became really active.

Gradually, as time dragged on (and Winter crept in), old habits returned, the indoors became much more appealing than get out and about, work hours increased due to general ‘busyness’ (some people spell it “business”), and the new health kick kind of took the back seat.

I’ve been here before. The fork in the road where you say “I tried and I failed”. But I think that’s the wrong way of looking at this. Yes, this is what I’ve always said to myself previously, but now I think I’m seeing this the way they should be.

I was at a Digital Citizens event on Tuesday night and one of the Sydney Twitter Brigade approached me and said “wow…you look like you’ve lost 10kg! I’ve been reading your blog :)”.

Hmmm…all is not lost I thought as I sipped on my beer!

See…here’s the deal. I knew up front that this was going to be a long road. The path was not always going to be smooth and straight. Right now, I’m on a hill and struggling to get over it. But…nothing has been lost. I had a great start and clearly people have noticed a difference.

Now is not the time to wallow in self pity and throw it all away. Yes, it’s cold and wet…yes my knee took a battering and yes I need to rest up a bit. But that’s certainly no excuse to give up. This hill will be climbed…the journey will continue.

I may just get out the C25K schedule and reinvigorate some jogging tomorrow night 🙂



(and I have a few videos to edit and upload…all in good time)


Stuff has been happening.

The Wii is in the process of being moved (where I weigh in).

Rain. Lots of it. Running C25K program has stopped. I kind of needed a rest from it. My knee was being punished.

Work and kids have been hectic. Community work has been keeping me busy too.

Bad habits are starting to creep back in.

Time to re-focus.

Long bushwalk next week with Andrew Blanda and Tony Hollingsworth.

Should be good!


I’ll need to be brief coz I’m busy as hell…

See…here lies the problem. Way back (lol…a few weeks ago) when FatDadSlim started, I was chatting with my buddy Gwen and she asked me to identify my biggest challenges.

Well, I haven’t really done that properly yet. Why?


I’m desperately short of the stuff. It’s not that I don’t have the same amount of time as anyone else, after all we all have 24 hours in the day. Mine just seems to be highly allocated.

I’ve been down the diet and exercise path before and have ceased to finish the journey almost every time. Most of those times I was count that as failure to complete my goals.

But in reality, all of those attempts at dieting or losing weight have given me the lessons that I’m taking into this journey today.

Be patient.

I’ve given myself a year to get healthy and get in shape (yes…round is a shape but it’s not a desirable one).

And how’s it all going then…fallen off the bandwagon yet?


Sure, I finished the 200 sit ups program as soon as I started it, but the way I see it this time, is a matter of priority and timing. And attitude.

I’m working looong hours. I’ve still managed to continue with the Couch to 5km running program, and I’m doing a very limited weights session a few days a week (by limited, I mean 20 bicep curls, 5-10 triceps curls, some shoulder lift thingy’s and maybe some bench pressing).

It’s about slow, steady gradual change. And timing.

The right time will come when I can start the push ups, sit ups program again. The time will come when I can factor in other routine exercises. And the time will come when I can definitely take one of Gwen’s kickboxing classes via Skype!

So my message today is this. Timing is important. Be patient. It’s not failure if you can’t keep up. It just means you need to find other ways to diversify your activity and exercise in your life.

My eating habits have improved immeasurably and this too will continue over time.

Change is good. You don’t need to rush through something good.



No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s always an opportunity to take advantage of when it comes to seeking some activity.

The risk of me doing the same exercise over and over again means repetitive boredom. So it’s important to mix it up.

The other night I was baiting The Internet Chef @Bridget_CooKs to have a hangi as a part of the #media140 Foodie events. As with all hangi’s, talk turns to the availability of rocks. Big rocks. LOTS of big rocks.

So…not one to miss an opportunity to diversify, I set myself the challenge of walking down to the river to retrieve large river stones…and lug ’em home.

I figure it might take me 10-12 trips.

What a great way to exercise!

(been hectically busy…will be back online soon with new video)



It’s 9:45pm.


13°C with a wind chill factor of maybe -4°C. So roughly 9°C. Brrr…

Been up since 5:30am. Left the house for work at 6am.

When I arrive home at 8:45pm…the only thing I want to do is take a hot shower and curl up in front of the TV. Or go to bed.

So instead of that, I lassoed the dogs, strapped on a head lamp, and nick up to the soccer fields for my second C25K session this week.

5min brisk walk…90 secs jog…120 secs walk…repeat for 20 mins.

And because this combination doesn’t squeeze evenly into the full 25 mins, I decide to run the last 2½ minutes.

Add to that a 10min cool down walk home.

Cold? Yah!

Tired? Yah huh!

Did it anyway! You bet!!!

Why? Because I made a committment to myself…to my family…and to my friends that I would follow through this time. I made a committment that I would finish what I started.

Today’s measurements and activities look like this.

What did you eat today? Naff all. I left the house so damn early, I missed breakfast. Had a coffee when I got to town. 2 in fact.

Grabbed a chicken/salad roll for lunch and a glass of water. Need to have more water.

Dinner was a left over beef & capsicum wrap from some office catering on the way out the door as I headed for home.

Exercises? Week 2 session 2 of “Couch to 5k” program today. Felt great! 25mins walk(120sec)/run(90sec) intervals (2½ min run at end)
How’s the weight looking? 104.9kg (down overall by 4.7kg)
…and what’s your BMI? 30.98
How do you feel today? I felt great!
Waist 117cm
Chest 112cm

So you can see that things are still on the decline…except for my chest for some weird reason. My moobs look like they’re disappearing. Weird that the ruler is saying different.

Anyhoo…my BMI is under 31 for the first time in a long time. Most likely down that far because I ate bugger all today, but…

FYI…my Avg Heart Rate for my exercise was 138. When you consider my initial 2 min walk showed an Avg HR of 134, for 35 mins walk/jog, that’s an improvement! Peaked at 181…yowzers! And I burned up 515 Cal.

Does exercising when you haven’t done so for years take dedication?

Bloody oath it does.

And I’m giving every shred of dedication I possibly can.

What are you doing to better your life?


Whoa! All of a sudden, in the last week, life got hellishly busy!

One thing that always suffers for me when I busy, is diet, food discipline, drinking water and exercise.

Today was sort of like this, but I’ve found I am making smarter choices.

Fruit on the way out the door for breakfast. A coffee on arriving in the city. Late lunch around 3pm…chicken tandoori and salad wrap, and smoked salmon fettucine for dinner. Plus…naff all water.

All in all, not a great day with food…BUT…I didn’t eat any crap. This is good.

As far as exercise went, well I can proudly say that I completed the 1st workout of the 2nd week for C25K. Plus, to finish it off, I kept running for an extra 4 mins “just for fun”. Added to this 50 start-jumps, then the walk back home, followed by some chest presses with 10kg hand weights (50 reps),  bicep curls (20 reps) and tricep curls (5 reps…I’ll drop the weight down next time. 10kg was too much for this one).

I burned over 1,000 calories. And, I noticed my average heart rate was around 136…I think this was much lower to previous occasions.

Weigh in tomorrow with some progressive waist and chest measurements.

Despite being really tired from working long hours, I’m feeling great!


Right now…I’m almost 9 months into the startup of my consulting company. Anyone in the game knows that this sort of work attracts long hours. Looooong hours. Add to that the element of directing a company and all the stuff that goes with it and there are days when I find myself pretty strung out for time.

Today was one of those days.

Yesterday, I worked 15hours and crawled into bed at 12:30am. Today, up at 4:30am to make a 7am meeting in the city. and I sit here at 10pm feeling pretty munted at the end of two long days.

So, it may be no surprise that my organisation around food today was a little relaxed.

7am I had a cooked breakfast at the hotel for a software vendor seminar this morning. Flashy stuff.

Back to another client at 10am to prepare for back to back meetings. Didn’t manage to locate food or water until 2:30pm, when I grabbed a beef, capsicum and avocado wrap + a Coke Zero.

Off to another clients at 5pm, south of the city and munched some almonds on the way there.

Back home for dinner…8pm.

But…at 8:30pm, after feeling completely knackered, I still WANTED to go out and do my 2nd C25K session. I was excited about it. And the workout (although mild in some respects) felt good.

Today’s measurements and activities look like this.

What did you eat today? Eggs Hollandaise, chorizo, mushys, tomato & a hash brown, 3 coffees; beef capsicum avocado wrap + coke zero (only 2 calories); 20-30 almonds; spaghetti +meatballs. Need way more water today.
Exercises? Week 1 session 2 of “Couch to 5k” program today. Felt great! 25mins walk(90sec)/run(60sec) intervals.
How’s the weight looking? 106.6kg (down overall by 2.4kg)
…and what’s your BMI? 31.49
How do you feel today? I felt great!

You can see that things are gradually on the decline. I may not have had the greatest day in terms of eating habits…but…I don’t think I was that bad either. I could have made food choices that were far worse than what I did, but instead sought out healthier, leaner options.

Wanna know something cool!

I found out this morning that I will be able to take one of Gwen’s kickboxing classes…in Phillidelphia U.S.A…via Skype. Way cool!

You rock Gwen 🙂


Everyone has these days…right?

Yesterday (actually the day before) I put my new Polar heart rate monitor on at 11:40pm before going to bed. The plan? Wear it for 24 hours (aside from showering) to see how many calories I would burn in an ordinary loooongday at work with no time to exercise.

Last night, I looked at the results in amazement. I burned something like 5,300 calories across the day doing not that much! Sure…I spent some time doing some fairly low impact stuff on WiiFit when I got home at around 8pm, but nothing really more than that.

A plate of fatty food

Here’s what is hard to understand. I did a calculation of a days worth of “old” eating habits. Coffees, bacon & egg sangas, pad thai lunches, big steak for dinner…and the results were around 3,500 calories. I had a conversation with SlimMumSlim about this last night too. How does one get fat when eating fewer calories that what you output in 24 hours?

Her answer came in the form on extra sauces that I put on food…or nibbling on left overs…or nibbling on ingredients whilst cooking…or a packet of chips here and there. But surely this would not account for an additional “almost” 2,000 calories???

I was doing a bit of research last night and found a site that says 60-70% of your calorie intake is absorbed by your Base Metabolic Rate (BMR…thanks for that one Ian 😉 )which according to what I read, means the basic functions of keeping your organs going, being awake, sitting/standing etc. So what does that mean exactly? Does it mean that 60-70% of what I eat is fuel and 30-40% needs to be spent on exercise, irrespective of calorie output being higher or lower that the actual intake?

I’m a wee bit confused.

I also ate a bacon & egg sanga this morning in protest, and I knew I shouldn’t have. At least I can say I have the presence of mind now to “know” I need to work that off over and above my planned C25K session tonight.


Now into week 2 of Fat Dad Slim and feeling great!

What did you eat today? Poached egg on toast, chicken salad roll for lunch, some almonds, cous cous, a coffee and for dinner, sweet potato & chicken fettuccini. Yum!
Exercises? I did Week 1 Workout 1 of hundredpushups.com

Also went for a 1,7km (1mile) run. Took me 10min:40sec

How’s the weight looking? Not too bad for 1 week! 106.9 (down 2.7kg)(5.95 pounds)
…and what’s your BMI? 31.57 (down by 0.8)
How do you feel today? Great!
Calories in 1,850
Calories out 2,300

So I’m seeing some great results and I’m feeling good too. Although, my muscles are a little sore and stiff…damn back is hurting a bit too. I’m sure that will all come good. Just muscles that haven’t done this sort of stuff in a while.

I formally started the 100 Pushups program today which consisted of 2 reps of 6, 2 reps of 4 and 1 last rep of 5 plus as many more as I could do. I did 5½ and promptly died!

And after counting my calorie intake for the day, I decided to go for a bit of a jog just to be sure I was in deficit by enough.

Feels like it’s going at a good pace. 2nd session of C25K week 1 tomorrow + a long day at work.



Wow. If I didn’t do the things I did today, this would be one of those days where you wonder why you make the effort.

My weight today is 1.8kg heavier than yesterday!!! grrrr

But…here’s what saves the day. Waist and chest measurements. Compared with my starting measurement has declined, which is great. Add this to the exercise I did today and I’m still feeling good about myself, despite the fluctuations in weight.
Today’s measurements and activities look like this.

What did you eat today? Muesli with skim milk, mandarin and banana for breakfast. Cheese and salad wrap for lunch and sort of the same for an afternoon snack. Crumbed veal and veges for dinner. Green tea throughout the day and to cap it off, a low carb beer while watching the footy.
Exercises? I started the “Couch to 5k” program today. Felt great! 25mins walk(90sec)/run(60sec) intervals. For fun when I finished, I slotted in 40 crunches, then 20 mins of yoga.
How’s the weight looking? 107.6kg (still down overall by 1.4kg – 3 pounds Gwen)
…and what’s your BMI? 31.78
How do you feel today? I felt great!

Now, here’s the extra cool part.

Original Waist Measurement 120cm (47.2inches)
Today’s Waist Measurement 117.5cm (46.2inches) (less 2.5cm)
Original Chest Measurement 108cm (42.5inches)
Today’s Chest Measurement 110.5cm (43.5inches – WTF!) (gain 2.5cm – huh??)

Well, sort of cool. I don’t understand why my chest measurement is bigger (maybe the first one was wrong?), but the important thing is that I’ve lost some beef off my belly! WIN!!!

Anyway, add to the day the fact I’ve started some exercise programs (100 Pushups and C25K) means I’m pretty happy with how I’m going. It’s about forming some habits and making smarter choices.

I’m planning on doing a ½day hike in the Royal National Park soon. That will be cool.

I also learned that a day like today burnt about 2,400 calories. Even better that my food intake was calculated to 1,943. So long as it’s less than what I’m putting out…it’s all good 🙂


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